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Pratt Industries is the USA’s 5th largest corrugated packaging company and the world’s largest, privately-held producer of 100% recycled containerboard. Tasked with alleviating the stress and indecision of selecting the right materials for packing supplies, Pratt approached Sprout with an open mind and a collaborative mindset on ways to achieve an improved shopping experience for consumers. Specifically catered for one of Pratt’s largest clients, The Home Depot, Sprout sprung into action and developed a product visualization strategy to update and improve the product presentation on the Home Depot website. Considering a blanket-like approach, the team began creating assets from product labels to product listings in addition to packaging best-practice animations.

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The Complete Package

Picking the right packaging materials for the right task is often easier said than done. Oftentimes, the box is either too small or too big or the packaging supplies you got don’t match the item you're trying to wrap up. Resulting in poorly packaged goods or multiple return trips to the store, The Home Depot created an online moving calculator to help in the process. The calculator was a great starting point, poised to reduce a ton of head-scratching when figuring out packaging supplies were needed. But it didn't stop there—creating access to the calculator in real-time was crucial to ensuring confidence in making the purchase decision. Updating the labels to showcase the best use for that product was paramount, along with the placement of a QR code linked to the calculator itself, providing a range of computer-generated images and videos provided by Sprout to help the user make the best-informed decisions possible.

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Blending It All Together

With no time to spare, Sprout dove right into their visualization expertise to get things moving. Understanding the range of ingredients necessary to make that packaging supply run move as smoothly as possible, Sprout went to work creating a complete range of images for each SKU’s online inventory listing and a host of videos outlining the best packaging methods for your everyday household items. With dielines on hand, the team created hyperrealistic video animations and images from the bottom up—starting with folding boxes to paper wrapping glassware and everything in between. Working with the Pratt team to understand the best methods for packaging home goods, Sprout left no stone unturned when it came to the informative animations.

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Wrapping Things Up

At final hand-off, over 10 product category animations and 300 graphic images were delivered to the client, along with updated on-package graphics for nearly 30 packaging supply SKUs. Over 3000 images were created during the development and iteration process to land on the final graphics and product images.. Tapping into our in-house graphic design talent, Sprout redesigned the labels to highlight the moving calculator as well as to update the main image on the label to reflect the updated inventory listings with suggestive packaging items. Understanding the existing user journey, the graphics team created an improved user journey roadmap of the retail landscape before creating suggestive outcomes for the packaging labels themselves. This, in combination with the newly updated inventory listing images and walkthrough videos, are certain to make those packaging supply mix-ups a thing of the past.

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