First impressions are everything, particularly when you are making that impression within a competitive footwear market. Long time partner Soldier Unlimited approached Sprout Viz to help with the launch of Kane's first footwear line, “KANE REVIVE.” The brand hoped to stand out in an already densely populated category by leveraging two stories that anchored the positioning of this shoe, the sustainability of its materials, and its positioning as a recovery solution. Sprout Viz was engaged to help jumpstart the launch of the brand and the line by visualizing these REVIVE stories.

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Making it real for a Kickstarter debut.

KANE intended to release REVIVE through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, a go-to marketing approach for building brand momentum and funding prior to any tooling investments. The approach often relies on the use of high-fidelity models that are photographed to populate the launch page. As their launch timeline accelerated, KANE approached their manufacturing partner to help it produce these REVIVE assets. Beyond the per-model costs, the prototypes fell far short of the production values KANE envisioned for the REVIVE product. KANE engaged Sprout Viz to produce the visual assets digitally instead.

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Keeping it real for the KANE brand.

High-performing crowdfunding campaigns typically feature products that look like they’re ready to jump right off the screen. These dynamic marketing assets can make or break a campaign. KANE wanted high-res imagery that would capture the imagination of its targeted buyers. Since they already had baseline CAD models in place, Sprout Viz hit the ground running, working closely with the KANE team to define a distinctive visual style for the REVIVE story. This visual brand language unified the REVIVE story while establishing an aesthetic that could one day become a signature style for the KANE brand.

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Bringing the REVIVE story to life.

Great stories start with heroic assets. Telling the REVIVE story meant visualizing the product details that showcased its recovery technologies, revealed its sustainable materials, and celebrated its sleek design. First, the Viz team built the REVIVE original geometry based on the CAD data. Then it translated high-resolution images of shoe materials into digital textures that it could map to the model. Next, we developed a spectrum of colorways that captured the different energy levels KANE envisioned for the REVIVE experience. Assets created via this expedited process met the needs of both the Kickstarter page and the pre-launch marketing campaign.

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