3D CGI Render of K&N Products and Filters from Sprout Viz

K&N Engineering

Sprout Viz teamed up with Soldier Unlimited and industry-leading K&N Engineering to deliver a vast and compelling library of images for Amazon Marketplace. With over 50 years of experience, K&N knew they were second to none in the filtration game. What they needed to take their brand to the next level was a series of visual assets that communicated this prowess across all of their product lines.

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Defining a Visual Brand Language

Creating amazing imagery is one thing - making sure all of the images within a grouping are consistent is another. We worked closely with the client to strategize and then execute on a defined visual brand language (VBL) across more than a thousand SKUs. Without their reading a word, we needed to communicate to customers that each SKU was a genuine K&N product.

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Did Someone Say Scripting?

What does a project involving hundreds of images for thousands of SKUs in a tight time frame mean for us? Pull hundreds of all-nighters back-to-back? It could have. Having used digital tools to create CGI files for years, we have developed digital short cuts to make our protocols go faster. Coders gotta code. We rely on in-house custom Python scripts to batch-process the set-up, editing, and rendering files as outlined in the VBL, squeezing time and risk out of the process. Rather than touch every file, which introduces the possibility of human error (a common render farm glitch), we use embedded Python scripts to normalize each CAD file we ingest. This step dramatically simplifies post-production lighting and material adjustments.

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After a few rounds of revisions to nail creative direction and design details, we produced north of 2,600 images for over 500 SKUs by the time we were finished. Each SKU's deliverable consisted of a variety of images including hero product images, packaging images, exploded views, material cutaways, and in-context images. Each SKU was neatly organized for the client to upload to Amazon and other destinations. The entire project took just over 3 months to complete. K&N sales on Amazon showed an increase in just a few weeks following the launch.

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