Elastic Timelines: Marketing for Manufacture

How photorealistic CGI imaging equips marketers to align go-to-market needs with NPD manufacturing lead times, and supply chain backlogs.
Jack O'Farrell
January 13, 2022

More than 70 ships along the West Coast have been waiting for three months in a 40-mile line to dock and unload. Compounding the problem is a backup at the nation’s major rail hubs, a lack of truck drivers to drive the containers to their respective warehouses, and an overall labor shortage that follows the entire supply chain to the stores selling the items.



In the e-commerce economy, new product debuts are highly choreographed affairs. One where pre-release buzz and pre-order logistics put real pressure on date-certain timelines. But unlike Kickstarter rollouts, here the show must go on. But what if the global supply chain seized up right in front of your timeline? What if final prototypes were delayed or the first articles aren’t ready for their close-up? Once upon a time, CGI was just a workaround for marketers in harm’s way. But as lead times for just about everything have slowed, more businesses are looking for similar solutions. Over the years, by working as a liaison between marketing and manufacturing teams, Sprout Viz has defined new ways to expedite go-to-market concurrencies.

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CGI insures against go to-market surprises.

Product marketing campaigns rely on accurate imagery. ‘Beauty shots,’ ‘contextual shots,’ ‘accessory shots,’ and‘variant shots,’ (to start) drive storytelling. But traditional photography is expensive. Studio time, resources, stylists,assistants, and props add up. It’s exhausting and expensive. It is also risky. When the final product is delayed, or the first articles have blemishes that require retouching, timelines and budgets suffer. CGI reduces those risks. The same 3D CAD files created to guide manufacturing include surface modeling detail that can bring a product to life well before it comes off the tool (or sits on a ship, train,or truck). We ensure that marketers have photorealistic campaign assets in hand, even while manufacturing engineering or supply chain kinks are still being worked out.

"CGI is like retouching without all the touching."

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CGI becomes the first vision of the inevitable.

Having great product imaging upstream in the marketing process opens creative doors. For online pre-order platforms, CGI images help secure investment commitments before the sunk cost of tooling. For monster product releases (like CES), they reduce the risk that elaborate campaigns don’t sync up with just-in-time prototypes. For social media marketing initiatives (like Instagram), they create the buzz around new releases that is essential for pre-orders. In markets where many players are eyeing the same prize, the first vision of the inevitable may even pre-empt competitors.

CGI augments the product development process.

A well-crafted trailer for a coming attraction can engage buyers, customers, and even internal stakeholders who’ve been slow to get on board. But we’ve also found that moving CGI imaging upstream in the product development process can augment decision making. Our clients use CGI in research to evaluate the ROI of features prior to tooling. Or to confirm (or discover) the emotional response to features that might anchor their launch stories. Or to measure market interest, by segment or by SKU, so that forecasts for overall or seasonal volume match demand. No research process can eliminate uncertainty about consumer interests and appetites. But CGI imaging can move critical marketing decisions closer to the moments of truth that drive those choices.

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"When seeing is believing, images drive belief."

Our CGI Marketing for Manufacture Playbook

Use CGI to:

•Optimize stimuli to validate purchase intent and costly features

•Prepare promotional visuals before the final design is approved

•Cost-efficiently compose lifestyle product placement options

•Compose provocative scenarios you would never, ever shoot

•Make last-minute changes to images in promotional materials

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