Sprout Viz is a product visualization studio focused on creating high resolution, photorealistic, computer-generated imagery (CGI), renderings, and animations. We help our clients define a visual brand language for their digital assets that will increase customer engagement with their brands, encourage purchase confidence, and stand out in a crowded digital economy.

3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of Staples Desk Accessories spaced out on a red surface
3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of K&N Air Filter on Silver Surface
3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of Seagate Lyve Mobile Array
3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of Draper Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of stacked Maxam Tires
3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of Varna Tech Halo+ on Mason Jar with Money

Our Services

Sprout Viz offers a wide array of services ranging from 3D CAD creation to high-resolution, photorealistic, computer-generated imagery, and animations. Whether it's images for Amazon’s online marketplace or an animation for a keynote presentation, Sprout Viz helps companies visualize what's needed to get the job done.

Product Renderings

Branding & Packaging

3D Animations

In-Context Renderings

Technical Illustrations

360 Interactive Views

Exploded Views

Virtual Reality


Material Configurations

HDR Lighting

3D CAD Creation

Our Four-Step
Success Process

3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of a Maxam Tire
Phase 1

Asset Evaluation

Our process starts by assessing the client's existing 3D CAD files and a physical material reference. If CAD files are not available we can create it from scratch.

3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of a Maxam Tire
Phase 2

Studio Setup

Once the CAD files are reviewed and approved, we develop lighting and layouts for the imagery and/or animations, with client feedback along the way.

3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of a Maxam Tire
Phase 3

Material Refinement

Next, we dial in the desired material finish for each image or animation using physical references or color, material, and finish (CMF) documentation.

3D CAD Render by Sprout Studios of a Maxam Tire
Phase 4

Rendering Approval

The First-in-Series (FIS) and subsequent rounds of revisions bring us to a high-fidelity image or animation that can be rendered in or out of context, depending on the desired use case.


Why Digital?

There are three main reasons a client should consider computer-generated imagery.

First it saves time and money relative to photography. Studio shoots often involve elaborate setups and special requirements based on product sizes and variations—logistics that escalate when shooting tens or sometime hundreds of SKUs and variants.

The second is expediency. We can begin the process of creating all of the packaging artwork, print collateral and online assets needed to start selling and marketing the product, while a new product is still being engineered or manufactured.

The third is control. Live-edits and real-time art direction ensure client engagement throughout the process. As we adjust perspective, composition, lighting, and so on along the way, you provide feedback just as if you were in the studio with us.

Learn more about the benefits of CGI

Save time and money

Grow sales and consumer engagement

Expedite large volume turnarounds

Ensure brand and product visual consistency across
all mediums

Enjoy total creative freedom

Support multiple use-cases: print, online (web & social), video, 360 viewing, VR, and more

Easily customize colors, materials, finishes, and product environments

Spin and zoom products to help consumers understand features and buy with confidence

Produce easy-to-edit layered assets


Born out of its parent company Sprout Studios, we have over 20 years of experience working for clients ranging from Fortune 100 brands to startups. We work in a diverse and growing number of industries ranging from from architecture and transportation to product and packaging.

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